Top 5 Property Management Tips For Multi-Tenant Buildings Of All Sizes

Looking after properties on your own can be very difficult, and managing multi-tenant buildings is even more tricky. Large, multi-tenant structures come with challenges because you will have much more space to manage and tenants to deal with. Things like maintenance and property management fees can become stressful if you don’t have the right knowledge or help.

Fortunately, if you plan well, follow a few simple tips and seek help from the right people, managing multi-tenant buildings will be much easier.

Tips And Tricks To Help You Manage A Multi-Tenant Building

If you are used to managing smaller properties, handling a large apartment building is undoubtedly very intimidating. You are most likely wondering, ‘how can I possibly manage all of these people successfully?’ Every tenant deserves to have their voice heard if they have a problem, and every room needs routine care to make sure it’s in good condition.

To successfully manage an apartment building, think about the following simple tips and tricks:

1. Always Have A Plan. To succeed in nearly any career, you should always have a plan. Whether you’re working out property management fees or you’re organising building inspections, always have a plan.

To do this, it’s recommended that you look at your situation and reflect on your options. Try to devise a practical, reasonable course of action that’s good for you and your tenants.

In addition to planning, remember that life can be unpredictable, and not everything will go exactly to plan. Try to think about alternate solutions in case whatever you wanted to happen didn’t go right. Having a backup plan is smart because, in case something goes wrong, you’ll be able to stay calm and level-headed.

2. Communicate With Your Tenants. No one likes to be ignored, and this includes your tenants. Even if you’re busy with property management fees or other tasks, you should always keep an open line of communication with your renters to keep everyone happy. If any of your tenants run into issues, they should feel free to come to you about them; and if you have anything you need to alert your tenants to, always tell them in a timely manner.

Doing things like regularly checking in with your tenants, alerting them to potential maintenance work in the building and developing a professional but friendly relationship with them can help them feel welcome in the building. If you don’t say a thing but only show up when the rent is due, they may not like that.

3. Create A Realistic Budget. Maintenance fees, property management fees and other things can really eat into your income. Creating a reasonable budget that allows you to treat your properties and tenants right while still giving you a good amount of profit is very important if you want to be successful.

You should know what your projected income and expenses are. Your potential income should come from sources such as rent collection, amenity fees and more. Your expenses will come from things like routine maintenance, property taxes, utilities, insurance and more. Property management fees are very manageable if you remain diligent.

4. Be Prepared For Changes. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes not everything will go as planned. Always be prepared for change. Naturally, some change is hard to see coming, but you should still try to remain level-headed if anything happens.

On the other hand, you can prepare yourself for predictable changes, like how your maintenance duties will change depending on the season and the weather. Remember that things like snow during the winter could disrupt your building’s pipes, so you should be ready to deal with possible issues.

5. Don’t Do It Alone. Perhaps the most important tip that every landlord needs to know is that there is help available. A great property management company can seriously make your job and life easier.

If you need help, look for property management companies that can offer you the services you need. Great companies, like us at Reliance Property Management, do our best to keep you and your tenants happy. We will help you expertly work out your property management fees so you can budget well and ensure that your building stays in good condition.


  • A great property manager and seriously make your job easier.
  • Experienced property managers know the best ways to keep a building well-maintained.
  • With a skilled manager’s help, your tenants will stay happy and satisfied with your work.

Where To Go For Excellent Property Management Help In New Zealand

Do you need help managing a property of your own? If so, turn to us at Reliance Property Management. We’d be delighted to help you out, no matter what kind of property you’re managing.

To reach our hardworking team, you can visit our contact page or give us a ring at 0800-131-141.

Find success as a landlord with our professional help.

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